About LAPA


LAPA is the Association which represents the parking industry. Our mission is to protect the common interests of the industry, which include but are not limited to:

Parking Occupancy Tax (“POT”)—The City of Los Angeles has enacted the POT on all pay-parking facilities in the City. In the past, each operator has been required to remit the full amount of the POT to the City on a quarterly basis.Tax will be due on a monthly basis commencing December 2004. The POT is currently set at 10%, determined as a percentage of the parking fee and could change at any time by a vote of the City Council. We need to be unified and prepared to aggressively challenge any movement in this direction.

Parking Occupancy Tax Discovery Program—The City is in the process of conducting a City wide POT audit. They have contracted with a private firm, The Parking Network, Inc., to perform the audit. The objective of the program is to identify parking operators in the City that are not collecting and/or remitting the appropriate POT to the City. This may or may not be a problem but we will all be more formidable as a group.

Permit Processing—In addition to a business license, the City requires that each parking facility have its own valid police permit. These permits are administered through the Police Commission Investigative Division (CID). Parking Operators have complained for years that the permit process is time consuming and thus costly to their operations. A three year process led by LAPA has resulted in the City Council approval in 2010 of a “Master Permitting” process which significantly streamlines the permitting process. This effort has the potential to be a “win-win” scenario for the City and the Parking Industry.

City Departments Competing with Private Sector Operators – The City of Los Angeles Department of General Services (DPGS) is now in competition with private sector operators for city-parking contracts. They submit their own proposal to the various parking services RFPs issued by the City. The DPGS has been awarded the Pershing Square Garage, the Broxton Parking Structure, the Larchmont Structure and others. Recently, they were awarded parking facilities at Olvera Street without the proposal process and the City intends to award the “Van Nuys Group” to DPGS without an RFP process. As an industry, we need to challenge this “no bid” process of awarding contracts.

Formation of a Downtown Parking District – Recently there has been some political movement towards forming a special “Parking District” in downtown. What this could mean is special assessments to acquire land for additional parking (which is not needed), mandated free or discounted parking, suppression of parking rates, mandatory upgrades, etc., of existing facilities.

Parking Facility Ordinance—The City Ordinances relating to parking facilities have been in place for over 50 years and needs to be updated. These ordinances deal with issues such as, signage, hours of operation, parking/stacking of vehicles, and parking fees. CID has agreed to work with LAPA to revise and streamline current ordinances.

Proposed Revenue Control Equipment (RCE) Mandate—in an effort to collect on over $23 million in delinquent POT, the Audits and Government Efficiency Committee has proposed that REC be installed on all City permitted auto parks. LAPA opposed such a requirement and is engaged with various stakeholders including the Police Commission and Office of Finance to formulate practical recommendations that focus on the delinquent not legitimate operators.


Chairman – Robert Hindle, Parking Concepts, Inc.

Executive Director – Ken Spiker And Associates, Inc. (Greg Spiker)

Membership: Parking operators and service providers are eligible for membership. We need your support to actively represent parking interests by communicating our message to elected and other City officials. Please contact the LAPA office at (213) 896-8900 Ext 122 for further details on becoming a member.

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